SURG Underwater Trail

Interpretative PlaqueSURG members constructed an underwater marine interpretative trail adjacent to North Solitary Island in 2002.

The underwater trail is comprised of a number of concrete plinths featuring a descriptive plaque. Each plaque describes an aspect of a certain marine feature or habitat found in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, and the plinth is situated adjacent to an example of that feature / habitat.

Each plinth also contains a directional compass bearing and an indication of the distance (in metres) to the next plinth. Following the trail, plinth by plinth, divers end up swimming in a large circle, eventually ending up at the beginning, right under the boat.

The Solitary Islands Underwater Marine Trail was designed to raise awareness of the underwater environment in the Solitary Islands Marine Park, as well as provide more enjoyable diving for visiting and local divers alike. With a maximum depth of around 18 metres the trail is popular as a second dive site with local dive operators.

The trail suffered storm damage over the years and a number of plaques and direction markers were either damaged or lost. In 2013 the damaged sections of this trail were replaced. Since these repairs SURG has maintained and cleaned these plinths every year. This work was funded solely by SURG using volunteer labour.