The Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group (SURG) has been in existence since 1985. During this time SURG has played an important role through its research activities in the creation and maintenance of the Solitary Islands. The Solitary Islands Marine Park (SIMP) provides a rich area for research with its unique environment in which warm tropical waters of the East Australia Current meet the cooler temperate Tasman Sea waters resulting in a remarkable diversity of both tropical and temperate animals, tropical hard and soft corals and the temperate sponges and ascidians.

SURG's research has covered many different fields including marine animal identification, marine debris assessment, coral bleaching, mapping of underwater habitats and more recently SIMP estuaries.

SURG members have also been involved or are actively interested in other marine and SIMP related research and rehabilitation. A number of SURG members undertaking research at the National Marine Science Centre (NMSC) share their findings with other members and SURG social meetings provide an opportunity for NMSC researchers to present their research.

Other areas of interest to SURG members are the Sea Slug Surveys, the Reef Life Surveys and further afield the Sea Communities in Bali.