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Ardeadoris rubroannulata
Chromodorididae Ardeadoris rubroannulata
Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus
Haemulidae Plectorhinchus flavomaculatus
Cypraea annulus
Cypraeidae Monetaria annulus
Ceratosoma brevicaudatum
Chromodorididae Ceratosoma brevicaudatum
Synodontidae Synodus jaculum
Amphiprion latezonatus
Pomacentridae Amphiprion latezonatus
Saurida nebulosus
Synodontidae Saurida nebulosus
Pseudolabrus luculentus
Labridae Pseudolabrus luculentus
Scolopsis bilineata
Nemipteridae Scolopsis bilineata
Gobiidae Bryaninops loki

About us

The Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group Inc. (SURG), is a group of dedicated volunteers conducting research in the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Formed in 1985, SURG membership is comprised of underwater naturalists, photographers and scuba divers, and our research provides habitat information and other data which may be used for the ongoing management of the Solitary Islands Marine Park. Read more about

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This months SURG meeting will be held on Thursday 16th July instead of the usual first Wednesday of the month. The meeting was changed to team up with the Marine Discover series talks.

SURG has been successful in its funding application to Recreational Fishing Trusts June 2015. This 3 year funding from the NSW Goverment Department of Primary Industries will support SURG's assessments of recreational fish biodiversity.

In early 2012 Coffs Harbour's Solitary Islands Underwater Research Group (SURG) Inc. received $34,164 from the NSW Government through the NSW Environmental Trust to conduct research into the health of coral communities in the Solitary Islands Marine Park.

SURG has been successful in its application for the Environmental Trust Community Education grant. This grant is a community action blueprint to enhance estuarine habitat resilience.

SURG members turned out in force to conduct underwater marine debris surveys at Red Rock Saturday last, 22nd November.